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Estate Planning

Studies show that at least 45% of Australians do not have a valid Will. If you die without a valid Will the law decides who gets your assets. These rules apply to everyone and do not take into account an individual’s wishes or situation. This will cause additional heartache for beneficiaries and will delay the distribution of your assets at a time when they might be most needed.

However, Estate Planning is more than just ensuring that you have a Will in place. For example, Superannuation and Family Trust assets are not controlled by your Will upon death.  The distribution of assets within these investment structures is controlled by the provisions of the Trust Deed.

Estate Planning can help you understand how these assets are distributed upon death and ensure the appropriate documents are in place to satisfy your wishes. It ensures that the assets you have worked so hard to build are distributed in accordance with your wishes and helps to secure the future of your loved ones.

We guide you through what can be quite a daunting process but one that provides great peace of mind when completed by:

  • Liaising with Solicitors
    We can liaise with your solicitor and or refer you to one in our network, to ensure your estate planning needs are comprehensively reviewed by a legal practitioner. Meetings can even take place in our office. This will include a review of the provisions of all of your Trust Deeds and the drafting of comprehensive estate planning documentation such as a Will, Powers of Attorney and Binding Death Nominations.
  • Manage your Self Managed Super Fund
    We can help manage your Self Managed Super to ensure your Fund remains compliant upon your passing, that Super Fund benefits are distributed to the right beneficiaries according to your wishes and that your Super Fund beneficiaries inherit with minimum liabilities.

Can you afford to put it off any longer?