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Self Managed Superannuation Administration

Our SMSF Administration Service underpins our integrated approach. We first developed this service in the mid 1990’s to provide our client with a total SMSF solution and more informed financial advice.

We keep your financial accounts up to date by recording all your transactions on a monthly basis. At the end of each quarter, we provide you with fully reconciled set of investment reports. These reports include an Investment Summary, Unrealised Return,  Asset Allocation, Cash so you always know what your super is invested in and how it is performing.

Benefits to you include:

  • Less correspondence in your letter box
    We can act as the registered postal address for all your investments. Let us cut through the clutter for you so you only receive those notices that require your immediate attention.
  • More up to date fund performance reports
    Why wait until well after the end of the financial year to know how your fund performed. Receive quarterly fund performance reports or subscribe to our online service to view your Fund at any time.
  • More informed decision making
    By receiving quarterly fund performance reports, you will be able make more informed investment and pension decisions.
  • Everything under one roof
    You shouldn’t have to make separate appointments to see your advisor, your accountant and an auditor.
  • Compliance made easy
    By subscribing to our administration service, we not only offer you discounted fees on your tax return and audit fees, but we can organise both to be done on your behalf. We also manage all your ATO correspondence and any applicable activity statements.

Our SMSF Administration clients take comfort from the fact that we are passionate, informed and fully accountable to them for the ongoing compliance of their Funds.